Saturday, July 3, 2010

Whale Watching Trip July 1, 2010

9 am and 2 pm Whale Watch Trips - Fred

For both whale watches today we headed out to our "usual" spot, the general area where we've been over most of the trips as of late, just a bit N of the SE corner of Stellwagen Bank. We had a beautiful day, as far as the weather went, although the seas, at about three feet or so from the NW on the AM trip, may have been a little more than a few of the morning passengers liked - however, on the PM trip the wind and the seas subsided quite a bit - visibility was certainly excellent all day.

Even before we left the dock for the AM trip, we had an interesting "feeding frenzy" going on for a few minutes right next to the boat - there were quite a few terns, probably from Plymouth Beach, swooping and diving to catch small fish at the surface of the water (see the images above), right in Plymouth Harbor.

On both trips we saw all humpback whales (except for one brief look at a minke whale on the PM trip). Unfortunately for us (and for the whales, too), the sand lance seemed to be quite deep below the surface, and all of the whales were apparently diving deep and certainly staying for a long time below the surface before returning for just a few breaths (above) before diving again.

We were able to identify Pele (both trips), Percussion (dorsal fin and flukes above) (both trips), Alphorn (PM trip), Giraffe and her calf (PM trip), and Hancock (left, below) and Venom (right, below) (PM trip).