Wednesday, April 18, 2012

18 April 2012 - Whale Watch

12 noon Whale Watch - Leah

Well it's finally official for me, whale watching season has started. This could not have been a better day out on the water. Our trip started off wonderfully with the sun shining and the best visibility possible. We started by heading toward Race Point to an area where we got reports of whales gathering, but when we got there they had moved on so we decided to travel into the bay area along the beach to look for other whales in Cape Cod Bay.

We saw spouts within the bay and were on our way to check them out with a little help by the Dolphin VIII, thank you for cooperating. Before we got to the whales we were graced by the presence of a gray seal, that was just floating at the surface. The ocean seemed quiet until we were soon completely surrounded by dolphins, finbacks and humpbacks.

The group of dolphins was somewhere within the range of 250 to 300 lags. We had 3 finbacks and 3 humpbacks that we swapped back and forth while observing with the other whale watching boat in the area.

One of the humpbacks observed during the trip turned out to be a whale named Blackboard, Thanks to Tammy for the ID.

And one of the finbacks seen turned out to be Furrow. Furrow is a unique whale and is easily identifiable due to an unfortunate boat propeller scar on its back just forward of the dorsal fin.

Overall, this was a great first trip of the season for me, and it was very unique being able to see the dolphins so early. I also would like to thank our Captain, Johnny for giving us a great whale watch and making my first of the season such a wonderful success.

Hope we get to see more people out on the boats enjoying the wonders the ocean has to offer!!!